Farm fresh delicious organic fruits

Hemkund Horticultures' lovely orchards are personally nurtured & fostered, monitored and managed.

Trusted traditional farming methods, clubbed with innovative technologies, reliable and eco-friendly scientific procedures enrich our fruits with scrumptiousness.
When the produce approaches its natural cycle of readiness, we then carefully reap the organic fruits.

Founded in Kachchh (Gujarat, India), we have been serving lovely fruits of utter natural sweetness, rewarded only by our farms since a decade.

Our produce is bound to enchant your taste buds with a flavour of most naturally occurring enriched delicious organic fruits you ever would have tasted!
And, over the years, like all the other fruit lovers, you will only fall short of words in admiring them!

Once tasted, you will not be long from believing that nature can be awesome even without artificial flavouring, essence and jazzy hypes!

But, you just don't take our word for it.

Try Hemkund Fruits. You will self testify. Literally!

Happy Healthy Eating!

Farm Fresh Logosweet kesar mangoes

Hemkund Kesar Mangoes are personally hand-picked and segregated in each lot by experienced and trained farmers.

The natural richness of the desert soil of Kutch helps our Kesar Mangoes get their delicious, exotic saffron taste and a warmth emanating, fragrant aura. This clubbed with our personal attention to every aspect of the mango produce, will make you more so like to savour, every time you have a slice of it.

Over 80% of mangoes available in the market are ripened through cancer-causing calcium carbide, etherel or even hastily ripened through artificial ageing procedures. Not only do our Kesar Mangoes breathe free of dangerous chemicals like carbide, we also do not use any artificial methods to upgear the natural cycle of their ripening. Nature, in return, rewards us with delightfully aromatic, appeasingly mouth watering and profusely flavoured mangoes. Let's just say, it's nature at its best, that you can get.

One of our exotic & exquisite offerings is the Premium Hemkund Kesar Mango.
It is a pure muse for the connoisseurs. Weighing a super 400g+ per mango (and some even 480g!) you can't just have enough of it. Literally.

And lastly, you can always relish that bested Kesar flavour of Hemkund mangoes, whenever you fancy! Our Kesar Mangoes can be eaten on occasions throughout the year without any preservatives at all.

Happy Healthy Eating!

Farm Fresh Logopulpy juicy black jamuns

Farm Fresh Logoscrumptious nutritious dates

Farm Fresh Logoorganic dragon fruit